Saturday, March 3, 2012

Whoo Hoo .... Tape Trance!!!

Hey All,
Big news, I have been invited to be on the design team for Sawyers Place! Having a tape fetish right now how could I say no? So I thought I would share, not only my news, but also my first offerings made from their gorgeous tapes I was lucky enough to play with......

Both the card and the tag are made from the same roll of tape (the black and white script).

This card I quickly whipped up for my Mum's birthday so had to photograph it the moment it was dry so I did not have to ask for it back!

As you can see I am still into using up my scraps... they combine with the tape so well!

 I also used the twig from ScrapFX it is so versatile I have used it to death, here I have chopped it a little to fit the card but did not waste a twig!!

This is the first time I have tried to be Pretty so bare with me! Can you see where I have used the tape?
I tried to think outside the box for something a little different...... yes the cage is all tape!

So easy to do to! First I just randomly stuck the tape on a tag going every which way so the the pattern was not uniform, overlapping bits until all the tag was covered. Then all I did was put it through the Big Shot with the cage die and it was done! Worked really well and I now have a tag with a negative cage shape to use later!

Did the same sort of thing with the bird but this time used book paper and ink! Then I had to search high and low for some flowers ( regulars readers would know I rarely use them, having 2 boys), coloured them and used some cool leaf ribbon for the leaves. And that my friends is as "Pretty" as I seem to get... I tried!
 Thanks so much for stopping by hugs to all,

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