Saturday, August 27, 2016

"A Bird has a Song" Art Journal Page experiment for Colour Blast.

I thought I would share my grand experiment results using new Colour BlastGoodies!
Now this page did not have a plan or turn out that well..... BUT.... 
I wanted to Play with the new Mica Powders and Colour Sprays to really see what they can do!
So I hope you take away something to play with for yourselves from this pretty Blaah page!
So here is the page:

So lets get on with how I created it!

First step, glue down some printed tissue and Washi Tape with Gel Medium. 
Here is where I made a mistake 
and should have softened the background with a wash of Gesso 
(This pushes the print back so the foreground Pops), 
but I was too keen to play so just went for it!

    Next make a paste with Mica Powder (Espresso) and Impasto. 
    The Impasto dries clear and has a shine so does 
    not effect the colour of the powder like texture paste would (makes it creamier and paler). 

      Apply the paste through a stencil onto the page.


      While the paste is still wet sprinkle with Embossing Powder (Steel) in random spots, 
      and heat to activate. 
      I did this to try and make the stems more prominent against the background, 
      this is where I realised my mistake of the missing Gesso!


        Now to play with the Colour Spray!  Colours I used are, Grape, Saffron and Bubblegum.

        Once the paste is dry just spray at random, adding water to "move" colours over the page. 
        Loved the vibrancy! 
        Dislike how it took over my stems though!

          I did not like how the stems still "sank" into the background, 
          so to tried and make them pop by the application of  Colour Paste Bling 
          to the buds back through the stencil.


            Once dry the addition of the paste worked a little to bring the buds into the foreground. 


              So onward to the finishing touches, 
              sometimes you have to just go with it and give into where the page is going! 
              It is just an experimental page after all, does not have to be perfect!
              Apply Black Soot Distress Ink through a stencil, in the corners to try and frame up the page.

                Using the same Colour Spray colours, give some book paper die cuts a water colour look.

                  Adhere to the page and stamp a quote mounted on some black cardstock to the page.

                    And the page is done! I have to say I was not overly happy with the page 
                    but I did have fun experimenting, and learnt what the products are capable of. 
                    Not every page has to be a masterpiece, as long as you learn something from the process! 

                    Here are a few details of the finished piece:

                      So that is all from me, get yourself in a comfy spot and start playing, so much fun to experiment!
                      See you next time! 


                      Sunday, August 14, 2016

                      "She is Like the Moon..." Art Journal Page for Colour Blast

                      Hi Everyone!
                      I have been AWOL (holidays!!! YAY) and I do apologise sincerely...but I am back trying to get into the swing of things. 
                      So a little while ago I was up on the Colour Blast Blog with a new Art Journal Page step by step!
                      Using the new Colour Sprays that are so vibrant and gorgeous you are going to want every colour in the range!
                      The major difference between these sprays and the Colour Shimmer sprays is that they have more depth of colour and no shimmer.
                      So before I prattle on, here is the page:  

                      This is such a simple page to do and it started out with me just playing with the sprays to make a layered background.
                       Here is what I started with, just a matter of spraying and using stencils with them, and look at that lovely colour! The colours I used are:
                      Colour Sprays: Carribean, Lagoon, Rainforest and a few drops of Grape (OOPS....yes had a little accident, right at the end, but had to just go with it!!).

                      I layered  Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling to add some shine. 
                      The 2 products work brilliantly together.

                      With the background done in literally minutes I then stamped a face to the side of the page with Archival Ink.


                      Next I wanted to create a Mandala type of effect. The easiest way to do this is to use a round stencil and a fine marker as a starting point. I taped the stencil down to stop it moving around.

                      And this is what you end up with, all ready to add your own details!

                      I decided I wanted the Mandala a little bigger so I added another line with a compass...easy! 
                      Then I just added my doodling!

                      Adding all the details was very relaxing and you do not have to be able to draw to make an effective impact, this is in no way perfect, but the repetition hides al the flaws!


                      I felt like I needed a little more texture and detail for my girl, so I added some stamping and Embossing Powder in Bling
                      The page is just about complete, just needed a quote to fit the mood of the page. Then just a matter of stamping, mounting on black card and finding a space to put it!
                      Seriously anyone can do this page and creating a Mandala is super easy, just look through you stencil stash for a starting point!!!
                      Here are a few more details of the finished page (complete with accidental splashes of Grape Colour Spray!!!)

                      I always like to add some of my own details when I stamp a face with a combination of marker (for the scribbles) and Stabillo All Pencil that is water soluble, this makes the image your own.

                      Even my stamping was a little off but sometimes you just have to embrace the mistakes!


                      So that is all from me today, thanks so much for joining me, I am fresh with ideas after such a wonderful break so I am sure to be back very soon!