Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What have I been doing lately?

Just a quick Share,

I have had an obsession lately, and it all has to do with getting my scrap room in order. I have been resisting the urge to go forth and buy supplies.... yes ..... (in cleaning out my room in preparation for an over - hall) I have discovered just how much I have in my stash!!!!! Unfortunately my Hubby has also seen the aftermath of my addiction....So I have been on a mission to redeem myself and use up a lot of my scraps to create!!!!!!

So without further ado I give you a peek at my latest effort to use up my scrap paper stash....

 It is a cruddy photo I know but had to contend with environmental factors that were plotting against me!!!! As you can see I am still not over my paper strip phase!!!

 There is also some Washi tape in there also. 
Love those Lanky letters by Scrap FX they are striking, and yet do not dominate the page. Coloured them up with a stamp pad.

 The frame around the shot is another ScrapFX product that had cute butterflies attached... as my teen is a scathing critic of anything remotely girlie..... they had to go! So it was very easy to just cut them off and save them for another project (adding to that scrap pile that I am trying desperately to get down to a mound rather than a mountain!!!)

Finally scattered some punched circles around and some paint and called it a day and I felt like I had diminished my pile a little so all was good in the world!

Now I am off to cull some more supplies, perhaps give some away and do some lethal sorting. My room is developing into a creative oasis (very exciting I have nagged a long time for this to happen) that is sooo neat right now am a little scared to dirty it up! More on that front later! 

Happy Days to All and Big Hugs to those that leave some Lovin'!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Hi to all and welcome to my Valentines Day Greeting!

As I  do not really do much for this special day (for some), I wanted to make something quick and easy that could be versatile and used for a number of different occasions, or even customized for anyones' needs. 

This is what I came up with.... cards that I made on mass (I never just make one card unless for a very special occasion) and it was easy peasy!

 I made 6 of these all at the same time and did not take too long.
First I used a background grid stamp, inked once and stamped on all 6 until I ran out of ink, (saves me cleaning the stamp and you get a very random BG). Then added the "splash" of red ink using another stamp.

 Made the "Chipboard" hearts out of the cardboard you find at the back of lecture pads etc, yes I do keep just about everything that I deem  "could be useful"! Enough of my hoarding habits .....!! I then stamped these with a text or music stamps then used my scrap stash (yes ... plenty of that too!!), cut out more hearts, arranged, glued,  stamped the sentiment alongside and "Bidda Bang, Bidda Boom" My cards are done!!!!!

So super easy and I have a card stash the I can customize if I need to..... Hubby may even score one of these tonight for Valentines Day!!!!!
Thanks for dropping by, do call in again as I was going to get a LO done as well but things have gone a little pear shaped there and need to rectify a tragic mess !!!!!

Happy Day Everyone!