Monday, December 21, 2015

A Steampunk Canvas

Finally!!! I am all organised for Christmas and now I can do a little catch up here, so that 2016 can be started afresh with new exciting designs. 
It feels so long since I last got back to this little blog, so for that I do apologise. So lets get on with it shall we?
It has been a while since I have done a scrapbook page and this is the reason.... I have been inspired by the fabulous steampunk designs by Scrap FX for last month!
These latest designs are just awesome!
I have used them to create 3 canvases and here is the first one, using the Large Steampunk Bird:

Steampunk Bird LARGE

I have used lots of chippies old and new from  my Scrap FX stash and some metal bits and pieces to create layers a plenty!

The bird comes in 2 pieces so that it is so easy to decorate! Even the cog eye comes out ready to colour separately.

It is so much fun to combine metal and chipboard creating a cohesive piece using paint, ink and embossing powder.
So that is canvas number 1, stay tuned for the second in the series!
And if I don't get back to this before Christmas, have a very Merry One Everyone and a fabulous New Year!!!
Stay Safe People!


  1. Wow Absolutely stunning. You never fail to impress Michelle.When I grow up I want to scrap like you ;)

  2. LOL! You are too funny Anguree! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!!

  3. Do you make these to give as gifts? Sell? Decorate your space? Gorgeous!

    1. I must admit Sherrie, I have a tendency to get inspired, make these and not know what to do with them! Only one canvas of mine has actually made it all the way to a wall!

  4. Este trabajo hes bellisimo, y me ha inspirado enormemente. Gracias por eso. HAces unas cosas preciosas!.

  5. Just came over from Marjie's blog, this really is a stunning steampunk project!


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