Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Special Journal

Hi Everyone,
I am back to share a special project that I created as part of being a Scrapbooking Memories Master earlier this year. We were asked to create a journal with a decorated cover and a page or 2 inside. The journal was to be given (after being published in the magazine) to a worthy and appreciative recipient who was fighting terminal cancer.
Having a close friend go through the fight of her life a few years ago, I found this task to be a very important one. It became a labour of love, even though I would probably never know who received it in the end, it was just so imperative that I had to just get it just RIGHT (yep I love putting pressure on myself)!
Here is the finished project:

This journal was very difficult to start but once I got going was probably the most rewarding, heartfelt and satisfying project I have completed. 

The front and back covers.
My first step was to ask my friend what she thought helped her through the toughest journey of her life, she then the sea of quotes began!

Here is the back of the front cover, (I added the envelope) and the first divider/pocket.

We were only required to decorate the cover and a page or 2 but I just could not stop! I wanted to put so much into this project. So together we finally got the quotes down to a manageable number, then it was time to find the perfect journal to work with. I wanted something with lines as well as pockets or dividers to decorate. After a thorough search I found the perfect Typo! A journal with Kraft dividers that were pockets as well and lots of lined pages ready to be used.
I then proceeded to decorate each pocket and divider page, and also pop a quote card inside each one, yes I did have a lot to say!

Back of the first divider/pocket.

Divider 2.

Back of divider 2

Divider 3

Back of Divider 3.

Inside the back cover.

It was an emotional moment when I gave it to my friend to give it the seal of approval before sending it away. We both found ourselves in tears, then I knew..... I had achieved what I had set out to do! Even as I write this, I am keeping my tears at bay (a little unsuccessfully)!
Well thanks for listening to my emotional rambling, I will back again soon!


  1. The recipient will probably feel as you do right now but hopefully it will help with her journey, especially if she gets to know the story of how it was made. It's truly beautiful Michelle.

  2. Stunning! I love the project, what a wonderful idea, I'm sure the recipient will treasure this.

  3. Bless you for putting such thought and consideration into something for someone you don't even know. They will surely feel the love that went into it when they receive it! It is special indeed :)

  4. Outstanding! So beautifully done. The love you poured into this is evident and fairly jumps off the pages! Whoever receives this is bound to feel your heart.


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