Monday, August 21, 2017

Mini Book Obsession

Hi Everyone, just a quick post to show you my little mini books that I will be showing everyone how to do at Paperific on Friday and Sunday at the Artified Stand. So why not come play with me? I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and having a little painterly fun!

So here are the mini books I have been playing around simple but look great as little gifts instead of cards!  
If you wish to make these for yourself there is a little step by step on the Artified blog if interested....or you could come join me at Paperific....hint hint!
They are made with the Watercolour Mixed Media Kit available at Artified HERE.

So here are some pics of the books I have made so far:

They are so much fun, give them a try, they can be customised just how you like them.
 The first One: "JUST BE YOU"

Here is what is inside:

And another: "XOXO"

Inside the cover:

And the last one: "BE BOLD BE BRAVE"
Front Cover:
Back Cover:

And inside:

And that is it so far, want to make one? Come see me at Paperific or follow the link to the Artified Blog for a step by step!
Have fun everyone!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Art Journal Page for Artified

Hey everyone, 
I am back with a journal page created for Artified.
I had a little play with the new Acrylic Art Sprays by Marabu
These little bottles of colour are just awesome, so bright, beautiful and permanent!

These sprays are permanent when dry, they will not reactivate like other water soluble sprays like Dylusions. They are a flat colour spray so they can be used in combination with other shimmery mists  to create beautiful effects, I am going to play a little more with them to really discover how well that permanent property can work.
Here is the page that evolved from that play:

If you are interested you can see a step by step how I created the page HERE on the Artified Blog.

Do try and get your hands on some of these babies they are a heap of fun, and combine really well with all the other sprays in your stash. When I went in to grab these they were flying off the shelves!
Till next time, keep happy!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Newbies by Scrap FX!

Oh my how the year is flying by!
It’s May already Arghhh!
I think the older I get the faster time flies! Is this because I am having more fun???? 
Well fun was definitely on the cards when I got my hands on the new products from Scrap FX!
The stencils and the stamps really made me break out in a happy dance! 
So enough chit chat here are my Art Journal pages I created and the gorgeous FX Products I used.
Take a look at these gorgeous stamps, those “Lace stamps” just look fabulous, and the “She Stamp” well that speaks for itself!
Lace B Petals stampLace A Loops stamp
She stamp

The new stencil is just awesome, had a great play with this one Liz And Sue (which comes in 2 sizes).
The new  silhouette stencils come with the both the positive and negative images.....told you they are awesome!!!
Liz & Sue stencil LARGE

I cut out the silhouette out of scrap paper that I have beside me on my desk that I use as a paint palette and to clean my stamps.

I used that lace stamp on the background in several spots.
Modern Girl stencil
Then these two, what I like to call “disco” chicks are the Modern Girl Stencil.
Here I bonded with my fave “disco chick”!!

Newbies used: Modern Girl Stencil and She Phrase (Black)
The phrase is a black lazer cut piece.
She phrase BLACK
In my excitement I have glued it on a little wonky ..... but hey it kinda suits the look!

 I used the mask this time with a little black paint applied with a sponge to reveal the silhouette shape.

And the awesome stencils continue with the fabulous “Felicity” Stencil.
Felicity stencil
I love how the stencil makes it look like I can draw!!

Items used: Felicity Stencil and Circular Shawl stencil.

But wait there is one more gorgeous Girl to introduce, meet the “Denise Stencil”.
Denise stencil
I adore that the image is the back view. It just adds a different aspect for all your creative needs!

Art Journal page featuring the Denise Stencil.

So there you have it!
Have I got the creative juices flowing yet?
I hope so, thanks for sticking with me till the end! 
See you next time!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Artified Art Journal Fun!

Hi all! 
I am back again with a few art journal pages created with lots of Artified goodies.
I had loads of painterly fun creating, so much so, I failed to take picks of my process, so sorry but I promise to remember for next time!

First up is "Shine Shine Shine" using some Geli printed papers, Washi Tape, vintage papers, stamps, stencils and paint a plenty!

I started with gesso and paper layers then added more paint through stencils, stamping and Washi Tape then used the black as a unifying colour to bring all the elements together. I applied paint with a palette knife brushes and my fingers till I was happy with the composition.
Here is a little bit of detail for you:

The focal point was made with a Kraft card and a few Dina Wakley stamps. 

Next up "Me...".
For this one I made a stencil out of a magazine image, then used that shape to create my figure out of old book paper.
I had a bit of fun splashing paint around and stamping on a Gessoed page, then stuck the figure down with Matt Gel Medium.

I added some paint to the figure through a few stencils and added details with a Stabillo all pencil and paint pens.

The shadow around the figure I did with the pencil and a touch of water applied with my finger to blend.

A few more stamped images and the page was done!

Now for my last page to share, "Be....".
Used a lot of scraps here and had some fun with paint and stamps, this one was very quick and easy to create.

I started by adding old book paper shapes across the Gessoed page, then added my paint colours with my palette knife. I then rubbed the paint off through a stencil with a baby wipe to leave interesting patterns underneath.
Lots of layers of paint and stencilling created the background, then it was time to focus on the foreground of the page.
I wanted something simple but I also wanted it to cover a lot of, what was, a very busy background. 

I went through my scrap paper stash and came up with some old black lined not ask me where I got that idea!
I punched out the circles with an old punch and laid it across the double page so that the circles framed just enough of that busy background. I then added some paint on a stamp to make the paper part of the composition and added some stamped words and the page was done!
Here are the links to all the products used on my pages for easy reference:

So there you go, my sharing here is done, head over to Artified for all your mixed media goodies!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Art Journal Catch Up

Hi everyone, I am back with a catch up, so this comes with a long post warning....yep I have been a little busy, just don't find much time to sit and share them here. I would rather play some more!
So here are a few of my Art Journal pages I have been playing with.

First off, my obsession with faces continues, with varying degrees of success.  I think it all depends on my mood as to wether I like the girl that emerges.

I do like this girl, and you must notice that I have used purple...a colour I rarely use and I have surprised myself with the outcome!

I am trying to create different "girls" as when I started, I seemed to always draw the same girl and that was truly frustrating!
My next Girl, with very large eyes! Each girl is really part of a learning process.

I really loved the background on this one, using the torn Notebook stamp by Scrap FX created an interesting distressed, grunged up look that really appealed.

My next 2 pages are heavily influenced and inspired by the lovely Dina Wakley, I have also used her stamps and paint combined with a new lace stencil by Scrap FX on the first one.


 Then there is one for the birds! Used Dina stamps, stencils and her lovely thick paint.

Are you all still with me? We are almost done now!
Sticking with that bird theme, this one travels over 2 pages, tried drawing a bird this time, cannot always draw the same thing!

Last one for this post I promise!
This one I used a tissue stamping technique that gives a wonderful multiple image look that I love and have done a few pages lately using it, so be prepared for more shares later! 

And as promised that is it for me for now, got a heap more to show but that can wait for another day!
In the meantime, thanks for visiting, comments are much appreciated as always!

Michelle xxx