Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Itac17 Challenge 4.

Whoo Hoo I am back with another quick share! 
This time I have done something a little different due to the nature of the challenge. This time it is the 4th Challenge "Africa".
So here are the challenge prompts, I did not get all of them included but I had a red hot crack, and think I only missed the charms or pearls.

  • Warm, bright colors 
  • Repeated ethnic patterns
  • Charms, pearls, metallic wire…
  • Words or text
  • Textures, cracks, rust effect...
So with out further ramblings, here is my take, I channelled my inner Spirit warrior!

I had just so many ideas for this one it really did go through a lot of ugly transformations, but I am pretty happy with my first mask painting in my art journal.

A few more details:
(nothing much to it really, just a whole heap of paint layers)

 And that is me done for another day! 
Still got 2 more of the challenges to do and am running out of a little mojo.... and time!
Hopefully will see you all sooner rather than later!

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