Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Recycled Art Journal

I have been working on altering this old book I bought from a market a few weeks ago. It is actually a home improvement manual from the 60's and I really do not know why I grabbed it originally. I guess I liked the size and some of the illustrations and colours!
Anyway, I have had a play, inside and out, and thought I would share what has been taking up so much of my time!

This is the front cover:

Here is the back cover, I got a little messy with the binding but I thought it will only get worse once I start using it anyway!

And now the first page done!!!

 Really liked how it turned out really, loads of paint and love how that arrow on the tissue looks like it is coming out of the building, purely coincidental!!
The second page did not flow as well as the first! Lost my Mojo half way through!

It was fun to create even though I am not overly happy with it..... move on!!


There you have it been very messy around here!!!
Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  1. Michelle I love the covers of this book, I have many older books and never know how to begin but you're such an inspiration it makes me want to start something as beautiful as this.

  2. Looks like a pile of fun to me...& I like all your pages...the one you don't like I really LOVE the red splat up the top, too:):):)

  3. Oh gotta love you 2 ladies! Your gorgeous comments really make my day! Thanks for making the time to make me happy that someone has read my Blog!

  4. Обложка великолепна - и по цвету и по многочисленной фактуре ! Так много всего и все это в гармонии между собой !
    И странички у вас тоже интересные - иногда наши чувства так нас переполняют , что не успеваешь остановиться и подумать , а нужно ли столько цвета ? :)
    Очень эмоционально - здесь всё !!!

  5. Beautiful work! Love.them all


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