Sunday, August 14, 2016

"She is Like the Moon..." Art Journal Page for Colour Blast

Hi Everyone!
I have been AWOL (holidays!!! YAY) and I do apologise sincerely...but I am back trying to get into the swing of things. 
So a little while ago I was up on the Colour Blast Blog with a new Art Journal Page step by step!
Using the new Colour Sprays that are so vibrant and gorgeous you are going to want every colour in the range!
The major difference between these sprays and the Colour Shimmer sprays is that they have more depth of colour and no shimmer.
So before I prattle on, here is the page:  

This is such a simple page to do and it started out with me just playing with the sprays to make a layered background.
 Here is what I started with, just a matter of spraying and using stencils with them, and look at that lovely colour! The colours I used are:
Colour Sprays: Carribean, Lagoon, Rainforest and a few drops of Grape (OOPS....yes had a little accident, right at the end, but had to just go with it!!).

I layered  Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling to add some shine. 
The 2 products work brilliantly together.

With the background done in literally minutes I then stamped a face to the side of the page with Archival Ink.


Next I wanted to create a Mandala type of effect. The easiest way to do this is to use a round stencil and a fine marker as a starting point. I taped the stencil down to stop it moving around.

And this is what you end up with, all ready to add your own details!

I decided I wanted the Mandala a little bigger so I added another line with a compass...easy! 
Then I just added my doodling!

Adding all the details was very relaxing and you do not have to be able to draw to make an effective impact, this is in no way perfect, but the repetition hides al the flaws!


I felt like I needed a little more texture and detail for my girl, so I added some stamping and Embossing Powder in Bling
The page is just about complete, just needed a quote to fit the mood of the page. Then just a matter of stamping, mounting on black card and finding a space to put it!
Seriously anyone can do this page and creating a Mandala is super easy, just look through you stencil stash for a starting point!!!
Here are a few more details of the finished page (complete with accidental splashes of Grape Colour Spray!!!)

I always like to add some of my own details when I stamp a face with a combination of marker (for the scribbles) and Stabillo All Pencil that is water soluble, this makes the image your own.

Even my stamping was a little off but sometimes you just have to embrace the mistakes!


So that is all from me today, thanks so much for joining me, I am fresh with ideas after such a wonderful break so I am sure to be back very soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Shine, Shine, Shine" LO for Colour Blast.

I am back to share a scrapbook LO that I created for Colour Blast Australia
 and a small step by step tutorial on how to create this background!
So without further ado, here is the page in full:

And here is the little step by step:
I wanted to see if I could add a little gold shimmer to the Colour Pastes 
that I selected (Deep Water & Singin' the Blues). 
So I experimented by adding a touch of gold pigment powder.

    It gave the paste a lovely shot of gold so it suited my photo perfectly!

      Next I used the pastes through a piece of lace, like you would when using a stencil.
      When you pull the lace up you get the lovely textural lace as a print on your page.

        I then moved the lace a little and used the pastes in their original form 
        (without the added gold pigment) on another part of the page. 
        You can see the colour difference below.
        Be sure to wash out the lace before the paste dries, 
        then you can use it again for another project.

          I then splashed a bit of contrasting colour around using Colour Shimmer Sprays
           in Rose Petal and Bling.


            Then I used the Colour Shimmer Sprays (Rose Petal & Bling) 
            to colour a few pieces of lace I want to use as embellishments. Then left them to dry.

              Then I used a stamp and Archival ink to add some flowery detail to the background.

                 And your background is complete! All that is left to do is to layer the embellishments 
                and add the photo!

                  I have used Chipboard pieces, die cuts out of old book paper and 
                  glitter paper, epoxy dots and the lace of course!

                    The chippy flowers I treated with Colour Embossing Powders in 
                    Bling and Rose Petal. The #words I painted with black paint.

                      You can find all the Colour Blast Products I used Here.

                      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you try the background technique on your next project!

                      Tuesday, June 28, 2016

                      Catch up Art Journal Play!

                      Hello everyone! 
                      Back with a quick share of a few pages of my art journal, I have so many bits and pieces to catch up on so I will make this post a quickie I promise!
                      First one is in my favourite black journal!

                      I had a play with my new Scrap FX paintbrush stencil, I had fab fun making them look all arty, messy and drippy! 
                      After "tracing" through the stencil with a pencil, I used mostly water colours and pigment powders to get the colour onto the "Gessoed" page.

                      I outlined the brushes with my new favourite tool of all time...a Black Pico embellisher....just awesome!!!!! It will write on any surface and leaves a line that looks like it is embossed, how could you not love that???

                      I used more of the left over paint on the Scrap FX chipboard word, being careful not to put too much paint on the engraved plaque section as the lettering would be covered.

                      My next page is in my larger journal, 
                      I used what I call a "Smashed" page (a page I use up all my left over paint and stencil paint on), so my background was basically done, I just added a few more layers!
                      Once again I used a stencil from Scrap FX, "Vogue Girl". I painted her face with white Gesso then
                      filled in details with that Black Pico Embellisher and watercolour crayons and pencils.

                      The saying is a stamp by Donna Downey. 
                      I think I spy some Dina Wakley stencils in that background too.

                      The checkered pattern is a foam background stamp by Scrap FX, inked once but stamped several times, over the page. 

                       That white writing at the bottom of the page is my white Pico Embellisher, just perfectly opaque, (whats not to love) you know how hard that is to find?


                      Lastly the flowers at the bottom of the page were created using Colour Blast Colour Paste in Bling through a stencil by Crafters Warehouse.
                      And that my friends is it for now, will be back shortly, I promise! 
                      Till next time!

                      Thursday, June 16, 2016

                      A big Hello to All! 
                      I am back with a simple art journal page, created for Colour Blast. Anyone can give this a go,
                       and the beauty is it will 
                      not take you long (unlike this post which is very long!!! Apologies in advance!).
                      So without further ado here it is:

                      And here is how to do it!
                      Firstly on a "Gessoed" fresh page of my journal, I placed a circle of old book
                       paper somewhere near the middle of the page (yes, I never measure...!). 
                      I then splashed around some Steel Shimmer spray.

                      Next with my Derwent Inktense Pencils, 
                      I scribbled around the rim of the circle with a few different colours. 
                      (The inktense pencils react with water to become an ink and once dry does not move, 
                      the same effect can be achieved with watercolour pencils, 
                      water soluble crayons and gelatoes. 
                      (However these products will keep reacting to varying degrees with any wet media 
                      you add so be mindful of that)

                      With a water brush I wet the "pencilled" areas to spread the colour, 
                      I even gave it a spray with water to create a bit of lovely "Drippage".

                      Once dry I thinned some Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste with water 
                      and spread it around the circlewith a brush, then while it was still wet and somewhat clumpy, 
                      I used a "Plastic Sticky Thing" with a point from my stash, 
                      (sorry do not know what it is called) to "draw" lines in the paste and mess it up a little. 
                      You could use a skewer, old pencil, end of a paintbrush to get the same effect. 

                         I then started to layer colour pastes in Rose Petal and Snow White straight from the tub 
                        with a paint brush, this gives the circle some dimension and shine.

                          Once completely dry (does not take long), 
                          I stamped an image on the circle with Stazon Ink, 
                          I used some cool wings. 
                          Then, with an ordinary lead pencil, I scribbled across the middle to create some movement 
                          (these lines will not react with any wet medium I place over the top).

                            Then with my Black Inktense pencil I added to the wing shape
                             so that they looked like they were moving (well I tried, I am no Artist thats for sure!) 
                            I then used a water brush over the black to accentuate the colour a little more, 
                            once wet it will then not react with any more wet medium I use over the top.

                              Using Punchinella as a stencil I added some Steel Colour Paste down the middle of my circle 
                              between the wings.

                                If you get a few dots on the wings just wipe with a baby wipe before it dries 
                                so that the wings are visible again.

                                  Using a Paint pen in white I highlighted a few areas so that the wings "popped" 
                                  and a little around the circle too.

                                    I then embossed a chipboard heart with a few layers in the colours Bling, Steel and Royalty. 
                                    I just kept adding layers till I was happy with the effect and the dimension, 
                                    the more layers the more dimension!

                                      Then I glued it in the middle of my wings and the page is just about done!

                                        All that is left to do is add a quote (I used a Tim Holtz Phrase Sticker).

                                          And the page is complete!

                                          A few more close up shots for you:

                                          Sorry about the length of this post, but you are almost to the end, 
                                          thanks for joining me today!

                                          Colour Blast Products used:
                                          Colour pastes: Steel, Rose Petal, Snow White and Dusty Charcoal
                                          Embossing Powders:  Bling, Steel, and Royalty.

                                          Hope you have been inspired! 
                                          Till next time!