Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Art Journal Catch Up

Hi everyone, I am back with a catch up, so this comes with a long post warning....yep I have been a little busy, just don't find much time to sit and share them here. I would rather play some more!
So here are a few of my Art Journal pages I have been playing with.

First off, my obsession with faces continues, with varying degrees of success.  I think it all depends on my mood as to wether I like the girl that emerges.

I do like this girl, and you must notice that I have used purple...a colour I rarely use and I have surprised myself with the outcome!

I am trying to create different "girls" as when I started, I seemed to always draw the same girl and that was truly frustrating!
My next Girl, with very large eyes! Each girl is really part of a learning process.

I really loved the background on this one, using the torn Notebook stamp by Scrap FX created an interesting distressed, grunged up look that really appealed.

My next 2 pages are heavily influenced and inspired by the lovely Dina Wakley, I have also used her stamps and paint combined with a new lace stencil by Scrap FX on the first one.


 Then there is one for the birds! Used Dina stamps, stencils and her lovely thick paint.

Are you all still with me? We are almost done now!
Sticking with that bird theme, this one travels over 2 pages, tried drawing a bird this time, cannot always draw the same thing!

Last one for this post I promise!
This one I used a tissue stamping technique that gives a wonderful multiple image look that I love and have done a few pages lately using it, so be prepared for more shares later! 

And as promised that is it for me for now, got a heap more to show but that can wait for another day!
In the meantime, thanks for visiting, comments are much appreciated as always!

Michelle xxx

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Whats in the box? for Artified.

A big Hello everyone, I am back with my first 2017 project created with a mystery box from Artified. It's a little something fun....and a little bit of a challenge!
As part of the Artified Design Team I received a little kit of goodies to play with, and to give myself a further challenge I decided to keep to these supplies as much as possible, to prove that you do not need much in the way of supplies to create with.
So lets get on with it shall we? is the mini kit I received:

The products included are:

I had to really put my thinking cap on for this one, as that colour was tricky (at least it was for me, kept looking like blood if I wanted any drippage!).
I wanted to stick with minimal colour palette and use supplies that everyone has in their stash.
So here is my creation using mainly the supplies sent with the addition of a few staples, like Gesso, stamps and washi tape.

And here is how I created it, I found breaking that blank page was the hardest thing to do, once I got going it came together easily and much so I forgot to get a few picks for the step by step so apologies time I think i should do a video!
Lets get on with it shall we....

  •  First thing to do was to coat the paper with a layer of white Gesso.
  • Then I tried to create a colour that was not so in your to I added some white gesso to create a softer background colour then added it to the page and then sprayed it with water to move the colour around.


  • While still wet I added some Shapes to the background using the stencil and a fairly dry baby wipe to rub the paint back, revealing cool textures.


  • Then added a few splashes with the original Watermelon paint colour.
  • Next I added Black Gesso to some white Gesso to get a grey colour, and added some splashes to the page.  


  • I then added a few of the circle shapes across the page with a sponge through the stencil ( and here is where I got a little carried away and forgot a few progress shots so I will try and talk you through it!

  •  The circles looked cool but I needed more interest so added some lines with a card in both Watermelon and the grey colours.

  •  Then it was time to scribble and make some marks with the Stabilo pencil, loved using the lines here.

  •  I added a piece of torn book paper across the middle of the page ready to add the main focal point.
  • I added a few cool dots using black gesso through the stencil and torn strips of washi tape  across the book paper to create a cohesive composition.

  • Oopsy once again got really carried away with the process, so here is what I did:
  • I stamped some Face images on the Deli paper making sure they overlapped a little, then stamped a third image on scrap paper and gave her a little rosy cheek using a watermelon gesso mix of paint. This image will be the main focal point to the page.
  • Using gel medium I glued the tissue images down first then the main face with the rosy cheeks.

  •  I used the pencil to add some scribbly details to the main image and more scribbles onto the background.
  • Using an alphabet stamp and the Watermelon paint I added the "SHE" words and more lines with a card.

  • I stamped some sentiments to add to the words on scrap paper, glued them down and added some pen work to highlight both words and phrases.

  • And so my page is done... a monochrome composition using supplies that most of you all have.
Here is the full list of supplies:

Dina Wakley Stamps: "Face in The Crowd"
Alphabet stamps.
Thanks so much for dropping by, cannot wait to see what the other DT girls create! 
Till next time, 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fun Times, Friendship and Laughter.

Hi everyone told you I would be back! This time another catch up page created for Colour Blast complete with another tutorial....enjoy!

So lets begin a step by step how I created it:

I began by using Alpha stickers to create a textured background.

Coat the entire page with Gesso, covering the letters so that you are left with a blank canvas to work with.
Choose your colour palette, I have used: Colour Mica Powder in Polar & Colour Shimmer Dust in DukeCobalt and Navy.

    Spray the background lightly with water then add the powders starting with the lightest through to the darker colours.
    Move the page to move the colour and add more water for further movement.
    Soak up puddles with a baby wipe, and take off some colour where needed. I have taken some colour off the letters to make them pop a little! 

      Add a darker colour and a little shimmer with Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray.

      I used a brush and the sprayer to move the colour around and add splashes.

        I wanted to make the letters stand out more so I used Colour Embossing Powders randomly in various colours, and layered them to create depth.

        The colours I used are: Singing the BluesSteel and Stormy Weather.

          After making a few more splashes I used grey acrylic paint and an old card to create thin stripes going down the page and over the textures.

          I added some Torn pieces of printed tissue with Gel Medium.

            Now time to add the photo that I mounted on layers of patterned paper from my stash.

            Now for the Title, simply treated with the same Colour Embossing Powders used for the lettered background.

              And the job is done!
              Here are a few more detailed shots for you: 

              Using alpha stickers as texture is so easy and turns out very effective. You can use up all the left over letters that you know you have in that stash!!! They do not all have to be that same font either.

              Until next time Happy Crafting!!!
              Hugs to all! 

              Sunday, February 19, 2017

              "Gorgeous...." a page for Colour Blast.

              Hi everyone and a happy belated New year!
              Apologies for not being around but I was having a wonderful fun filled summer!
              So I now have to face up to all the catching up I have to do.....and the washing!!!
              So over the next week or so I am going to catch up on my projects that have not reached this little old blog. First up here is a layout and tutorial I did for Colour Blast late last year...I think...LOL!

              The LO features one of my gorgeous nieces that live a long way away in the States.
              I love getting their photos, it is a chance for me to get a girlie fix, not that this page is very girlie really you could do the same for a masculine page too.
              So here is the page:

              And now a few step by step pics to show how I created it:

              I drew roughly where I wanted to place the ball flower thingies...lets call them blooms form now on.
              I tore up old book paper and glued the pieces down with Gel Medium as a start to my Blooms.

               Once dry I added some Glass bead Gel to create some texture.
              I then chose my colour scheme and gathered supplies....time to get splashy with colour!
              I splattered a few drops of Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling first all over the page.

                 I sprinkled Colour Mica Powder: Lemon Zing and Colour Shimmer Dust: SunflowerAmber & Lollipop on to the Blooms then added water with a brush moving the colour around into a ball shape.

                   I was not happy with the shapes they turned out a bit "Blobby" so I decided to use the sprayer out of the Colour Sprays:  Bubblegum as a "brush" and do some defining scratches to make the blobs look a little more organic and loose.

                    They ended up looking a little more like flowers, loved the scratchy bits.
                    Then I used the sprayer to splash more colour around the page. 


                      I did a total of 3 Blooms (have to work with odd numbers for balance).

                        I felt they still needed some texture so I reached for the Colour Embossing Powder in Bling adding a few layers heating as I sprinkled. 

                          I added some doodly lines to define the blooms with a Posca paint pen in Black.
                          I think I can call them done now!

                            Lastly I layered patterned paper around my photo, added the chipboard title that I painted black and lastly a few embossed chippy hearts done with the Bling Colour Embossing Powder to tie the composition together. 

                              So the page is done, what do you think?

                              The blooms were once again an experiment but I do love a play and I think they turned out ok!

                              The close ups don't really show the blissful shimmer of all the powders and the shine of the embossing powder sorry you shall just have to believe me when I say it looks fab!!

                              Still a few more bits and pieces to show you all so I will be back in the next few days to do just that! 
                              Thanks for visiting see you again soon!!