Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Art Journal Page for Colour Blast."

A big Hello to everyone! 
I am up on the Colour Blast Blog with this Art Journal page today so thought I would pop it here too, check it out, I really put those pastes to the test!

 I am playing with the absolutely gorgeous Colour Pastes, they are wonderfully creamy when wet and glide on like a dream. Once dry the rich colour comes to the fore creating a raised glorious texture.
I thought I would show you my Journal page where I put the pastes through their paces for the first time.

I spread the paste over a fairly large stencil wit lots of open spaces as I wanted to see how they went merging 2 colours together. I must say it worked a treat! 
I love the gradual blending of the gold (Bling) and the blue (Singing The Blues) through the stencil and believe me it was super easy to do.

Here is a closer little look. As you can see there is some typewriter print on the stems, which brings me to my next test, will they hold onto ink once dry???
Well a big tick there, I used Stazon ink and a background stamp to get some print on the raised surface once the pastes were completely dry. The print says right where it was put with no smudging...brilliant! I can think of so many other things to do now.

Take a look stamped on wonderfully random!
I created some shadow using a pencil and water to make the stems look more dimensional.

Lastly take a look at that shimmer....glorious isn't it? 
How can you not have at least one colour of these pastes in your craft stash???
Here are the colours I used:

If you are wondering what colour to get first, I say go for the Bling, it goes with everything and it will add some pizzazz to any project! 
But this recommendation comes with a warning ..... once you start creating with the pastes it is decidedly addictive, you WILL want more!!! Just Sayin'!
Thanks for joining me today, stay tuned for more fab inspiration from all the other talented ladies on this team!
Bye For Now! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

My Art Journal Obsession Continues

I have been so obsessed with my art journal lately, I just cannot stop!
So I am back to share the pages that have made me happy!
First up one using a load of lovely pigments:

I am trying to get in touch with my purple side......most people know the colour is my lest favourite, but I do love my purple haired gal!

The next 2 pages I was inspired by all those wonderful watercolour tattoos that are so popular at the moment. I would love to be young enough to get a beautiful tattoo but I will have settle for recreating them on paper...the bonus is I get to have fun and make a mess!

The branches and dandelion heads on this one are card silhouettes by Scrap FX. 
I also used a stencil by Scrap FX and a Unity and Scrapbook Diaries stamps

And then another version using the same idea:

The background on both of these were created using Primas Oil Pastels, a new play toy!

So that is what has been consuming my time lately, have loved every minute of it!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love an Art Journal page or Two.

My how time flies! 
 I have had mere snippets of time to create of late, so I have been turning to my art journal time and time again purely for time efficiency. I can whip up a page in minutes rather than hours agonising over a scrapbook page, and I enjoy the total artistic freedom a journal gives!
So here are a couple of pages I created in the last few days:

As you can see I have been a little obsessed with the face drawing of late I blame the fabulous 
Dina Wakley for sparking that fire!!

What can I say I love me a moody face!!
The next one is a little different but I still think I am channelling Dina!

I tried stamping with crayons for the background birds and loved the effect in the most part, it gave a watercolour look to the resulting image.

The foreground bird is stamped normally with Stazon ink.

Well that's about it from me for now there are more pages to come, so stay tuned!
Would love to know what you think so please leave a little comment to let me know you were here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Looking Fabulous", My First LO for Colour Blast.

Hello and Happy New Year to all!
I have been a little quiet of late as I have been in Relax mode at the beach. Every year I switch off and enjoy going "Off Grid", so to speak, for the month of January. I use this time to recharge my batteries and get ready for the creative year ahead. So.... I am now back and trying to catch up on things, it is so hard to get back into the groove after the break, my mind is ready to explode with ideas!
The first share for 2016 is my very first project that I have created as a Design Team Member for another Aussie Company, "Colour Blast". I was lucky enough to get my hands dirty using their wonderful products, I can tell you now they are a heap of fun!
The details of this LO can be found on the Colour Blast Blog.

So without further ado here is my first project, a scrapbook page featuring my 2 boys looking smashing all dressed to impress for their cousins' wedding early in 2015:

I used the  Colour Blast Embossing Powders as well as the coordinating Shimmer Sprays on my  Scrap FX chippies  to get a metallic "grunged-up" look, they worked a treat!

So how did I do it I hear you ask? 
Too easy! 
I shall explain: 
First the background piece (which is left over alphabet "backing"..... yes I keep just never know!).
 I  gave it a spray randomly with a couple of Shimmer Spray colours:
 "Singing the Blues", "Dusty Charcoal" and "Steel".
  These sprays gave the raw chipboard a touch of colour and a hint of shimmer, I wanted more texture, so I then embossed sections of the panel with embossing powders in "Steel", "Dusty Charcoal" and "Snow White".
The Snow White gave a glittery effect.

On the Wings I did pretty much the same process, except instead of spraying I used a brush to colour the details. I just wanted the wing tips embossed, so I used an embossing pen and the 
"Steel"  Embossing Powder to achieve the look!
Take a closer peek:

So what is left? The chipboard words of course!

These are just embossed in the usual manner in the "Steel" colour then I sprayed the "Dusty Charcoal" and "Singing The Blues" Simmer Spray on top to create a bit of colour variation.

Lastly the Title:
 I embossed with "Steel" and "Snow White" to get a sparkle happening. Then sprayed with "Singing The Blues" to get a tinge of blue to coordinate with the background.
Here is a list of the Colour Blast products I have used: 
Shimmer Sprays:
Dusty Charcoal
Singing the Blues
Embossing Powders:
Snow White
Dusty Charcoal
You can get your hands on these products Here.
Here is a list of other products used:
Scrap FX:
Industrial Machines Transparency
Steampunk Wing L & R
Playground Alphabet
Facts to Remember
 Months of the Year Minis
2015 year pack

Viva Decore Metallic paint
Black paint
Vintage Findings by Prima
Tim Holtz Chit Chat words
Stamp by Scrapbook Diaries

So that is about it for me, be sure to keep cruising on back here to check out all the goodness that the other team members share.
Thanks for dropping by!