Saturday, April 6, 2013

"A Quick Share!"

Hi all!
April already? The year is going just so quick, it makes my head spin just thinking about it! So I just will not think from now on and live in my own happy place!
I have not been ignoring you all I have been enjoying some family time and as a result have a ton of photos, so more scrappin' will have to be done, YAY:)
I just thought I would do a quick catch up on some stuff that I have done but did not have much time to "blog it". So here goes:

I did this page for Scrap FX, using the new scribbles range. Totally adore so many of these I am sure will be showing more in the coming weeks after I have "bonded" a little more. The large heart here I just fell in love with and had to use straight away. This was one of my fastest pages ever, but I think I ruined it a little with my hasty journalling!!! DOH! I still kinda like it though.

Now this next one was done as a total experiment, did not really turn out the way I pictured it in my head but hey, as I said, I have to stop thinking!

Used a load of paint and mist on this one, and unlike the one before, this one took a while. Found out it is really hard to cluster things with no regard for the colours just the textures and shapes!!!! Once I refine this technique a little more I may even do a little tutorial if anyone is interested..... if I can remember to take step by step photos!!!
That is about it for the moment will be back very soon with some shots of my journal I am working on, I am recycling!!!!! Intrigued? Drop back in sometime and see!
Hugs to all,


  1. Hey, Michelle ...I've been Busy with visiting family,'s good to take a break at times:):):) love these...the 2nd is really neat & the colours in the top one....yum!!!!! Hope you enjoyed Easter:):):)

  2. Такие сказочные цвета вы используете , так смело закрашиваете все украшения в нужный вам цвет !!
    Очень красиво ! ОЧЕНЬ !!!


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