Friday, May 5, 2017

Newbies by Scrap FX!

Oh my how the year is flying by!
It’s May already Arghhh!
I think the older I get the faster time flies! Is this because I am having more fun???? 
Well fun was definitely on the cards when I got my hands on the new products from Scrap FX!
The stencils and the stamps really made me break out in a happy dance! 
So enough chit chat here are my Art Journal pages I created and the gorgeous FX Products I used.
Take a look at these gorgeous stamps, those “Lace stamps” just look fabulous, and the “She Stamp” well that speaks for itself!
Lace B Petals stampLace A Loops stamp
She stamp

The new stencil is just awesome, had a great play with this one Liz And Sue (which comes in 2 sizes).
The new  silhouette stencils come with the both the positive and negative images.....told you they are awesome!!!
Liz & Sue stencil LARGE

I cut out the silhouette out of scrap paper that I have beside me on my desk that I use as a paint palette and to clean my stamps.

I used that lace stamp on the background in several spots.
Modern Girl stencil
Then these two, what I like to call “disco” chicks are the Modern Girl Stencil.
Here I bonded with my fave “disco chick”!!

Newbies used: Modern Girl Stencil and She Phrase (Black)
The phrase is a black lazer cut piece.
She phrase BLACK
In my excitement I have glued it on a little wonky ..... but hey it kinda suits the look!

 I used the mask this time with a little black paint applied with a sponge to reveal the silhouette shape.

And the awesome stencils continue with the fabulous “Felicity” Stencil.
Felicity stencil
I love how the stencil makes it look like I can draw!!

Items used: Felicity Stencil and Circular Shawl stencil.

But wait there is one more gorgeous Girl to introduce, meet the “Denise Stencil”.
Denise stencil
I adore that the image is the back view. It just adds a different aspect for all your creative needs!

Art Journal page featuring the Denise Stencil.

So there you have it!
Have I got the creative juices flowing yet?
I hope so, thanks for sticking with me till the end! 
See you next time!


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