Friday, March 9, 2012

More Playing

Hi all
Back again with some more journal pages, so loving having a play! Not really worrying about the end result so much, as the process of getting there. The biggest problem I seem to have ...... knowing when to stop!
Anyhooo here you go, was inspired by more tape from Sawyers place, so perfect for this type of thing!

This one looked really looked good before I started the lettering, should have stopped but ........ I'll learn
some day!
The black script tape is from Sawyers Place, just tore it up a little.

Also covered some card stock with the tape & punched out some hearts.

This one just got soooo out of hand. Got in a big mess here, but we all make mistakes, I just loved the process! Doesn't have to be pretty all the time does it?

Love how these pages just take no time at all (I don't seem to have too much of that precious commodity lately!).

So that is all for now, promised myself that I have to get back into doing some more LO's and maybe enter a few challenges along the way,
stay tuned,

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  1. You really are having FUN, aren't you? I think the pink one looks great with the words:):)


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