Friday, April 27, 2012

Throwing Stuff at my Art Journal

Have been having a bunch of fun with my Art Journal lately, just love how good it feels to just Play and see what becomes of it. Am getting better at knowing when to stop now too. I cannot say I love every page I have done, but that is part of the creative process isn't it?

So this is what I have had time to do, I tend to be a very slow Scrapper so the journals allow me to have a quick crafty fix without the angst of doing a photo justice.

Tried to do a bit of a water colour effect here then filled in the details with ink.

Had to use some of that"go- to" fave: Washi Tape from Sawyers Place

The flower heads are an old Hero Arts stamp set, I seem to be revisiting a lot of my old stash lately!

I actually think this is my Fave so far, just played with a little paint. 

Finger painted the circles then added some scrap paper, love how this just "worked".

Had no idea where this one was headed but as I said before, some I liked.... some.... not so much!

Played with ink again for the tree branch... still ,,, not sure about it.

Lets just move on.... !

Oh this one was so fun must have been in a good mood!

Colour glorious Colour!!!

And how true is that quote!

Last one for this post inspired by a pretty serviette!!!!
There you have it, if anyone else out there is trying their hand at some journalling I would love to sneek a peek! Leave a comment and I promise to pay you a visit my friend!!!
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  1. I've never done an art day I may be as brave as you:) Can I have a favourite? It's the tag one with the bird branch:):):) Brilliant job:):):)

  2. Wow that journals art work is AMAZING!

  3. Thanks Lizzy my most loyal "commentor"!


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