Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Abstract Blooms" an Art Journal Page for Colour Blast.

Hi All! 
I am back with an art journal page created with wonderful Colour Blast products.
So without further ado here is the page:

And here is how I created it, so easy!!!
I started with a smashed page in my Journal (I often "smash" left over paint etc on spare pages, never want to waste anything). I splashed and stamped more colours to create a background.


With a palette knife I slapped on some Colour Paste (Sunshine) in a circle shape with texture to resemble an abstract "rose". I then added another colour to create depth (I used Tangareen Dream here).

The paste is very forgiving and you can rework it until you like the overall effect.


I then repeated the process twice more to create my 3 main blooms!


I then changed to a Rose Petal with Bling colour combo and created some smaller blooms to resemble a bunch. As they dry the shine and metallic look comes through. If you are still not happy you can add more colour here with more paste, just keep adding till they bring a smile, you cannot go wrong!

Once they were all dry, I still wanted more colour variation so I gave them all a little spray with Colour Shimmer Spray in the centres allowing the colour to pool! I then had to step away from the blooms, enough was enough.....just had to stop before they were overworked!!  

I then did my best to paint a vase underneath the blooms with acrylic paint.

Time to add some leaves to the bunch! I had no pastes in the colour green I was after, what to do????
Simple..... I made my own!  Using Colour Mica Powder in Olive Grove mixed well with Impasto to form a coloured paste, once dry the impasto is clear so the olive green of the mica powder shines through.

Apply the paste through a leaf stencil wherever you want the leaves to be. The leaves just finish the composition of the page, after all what is a flower with out its leaves???


Excuse my grubby hands in that photo! It is just the way I am when I create!
So here is what it looks like after I added the leaves!

And that my friends is how the Blooms evolved!
Here are a few more detail shots of the page:

I finished the page off with a quote and a few scribbled words in the vase, no page of mine is truly complete without a few scribbles! 

Well that is all from me for the moment 
I hope everyone gives this a go, with such a little effort the results look awesome!
Happy creating peeps!

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