Friday, June 10, 2016

Art Foamy Play for Artified

Hey there everyone, back again to share a few art Journal pages I created whilst having a play with these fabulously fun Art Foamie Stamps from Artified. There are so many awesome designs it is so hard to just choose a few! So here is my little stash that I had fun with:

Cool designs I have to say, and some of them come with their own stamp buddy!
 Now, I had never played with these before, so I was really interested to see what they could do. 
 The Stamp Buddy is not totally necessary, I used them a few different ways to really put them to the test. To tell you the truth if you have one large buddy that would do for all the smaller stamps, it could enable you to get a few extra shapes into your stash as they are a little cheaper with out the buddy.
Anyway let me get on with the show and tell.
This was the first page I played with.

I just threw some paint around for the background. 
Then I used the stamp buddy the way the instructions advised, it worked well and I could stamp numerous images with one application. So your paint goes a long way! 

I stamped images all over the place because I did not want to waste the paint on the buddy, then I found out you can store the buddy in a zip lock bag with the paint ready to use next time...awesome!!

I used 2 colours with the Ring Tic Tac stamp in the background, and just black paint for the Flowery Tree in the foreground.
Once you add the paint and rub it in you basically have your own personalised stamp pad and you use that accordingly to add the colour to the stamp, cool hey?

I used these stamps: 
Flowery Tree
Ring Tic Tac

The next page I started with neon colours and loved using the Writers Block Stamp in the neon colours then black.

After a few more layers were added using Stencils and more stamped images, I decided to try a different way to add colour to the stamp. I used a brayer to roll gold paint onto the Water Lily design. This worked well to as long as you do not apply too much paint to the stamp, so this method seems to be a good alternative.
Here is the full page:

The gold was a little pale so I gave the image an outline in neon pink with a Pico Embellisher.

 The stamps I used:
Water Lilly
Writers Block

 The next page was in my black Journal using Metallic Paint. There are a few layers here I went wild with the stamping on this one!
I used the stamps Gone Dotty, Happy Edge and Ring Tic Tac in the background building up the layers as I went.

Then I wanted a bold image so used the brayer method of adding paint to the Writers Block and Leaf Vine Stamps. The shimmer of the metallic background still shone through the open parts of the images.

I filled in details with the gold paint, and embellished away to finish the job!

So there you have it! 
Take a look at all the fabulous designs at the Artified shop here, they are fabulous fun!!! 
Until next time, thanks for dropping by!


  1. WOW, Awesome pages Michelle xx Love them :)

    1. Thanks so much Kerry for stopping by and leaving some love....much appreciated!


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