Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creative Catch Up

I am back with apologies for my neglect once again. Hate to say it, but will be glad to see the boys go back to school, finding it very hard to fit a bit of creativity in to a busy taxi schedule (Oh that sounds very unmotherly doesn't it)!!! Anyhow enough of the excuses, here I am with what I have completed in the snippets of time that I managed to sneak in:

Firstly caught up on some card making, my Dad's 70th was the motivation, but I ended up doing a whole swag of these that I can customize when I need them, very easy and simple just the way I like it!!!!

Now for a couple of layouts:

The first one, I am not overly happy with the result, but hey I am hoping the mojo does come back.....

 The photos here were really "crappy" so perhaps that's why I don't like it so much. But I really wanted to capture the fun!

 I worked with bright colours for a change, but really, what other colours can you use for a carnival?

 Covered bits of chipboard with the paper to create the embellishments. The more I look at it the more I am thinking I may need to fuss with this some more later on.

Now the next one I like a whole lot better, and it took me about 1/4 of the time!!!

Sorry Removed 
for Publication 
Will Be Back Soon

 We love summer in our house the boys love the beach and the surf, and rediscovered their passion for it when we stayed down at Phillip Island.

 I love tape at the moment it has become my go to product that I cannot get enough of!!!! I know it is a bit expensive so I like to combine the Printed  tapes with plain old masking tape and stamp over it to add some interest. (The tape with the red circle pattern is the home made masking tape.)

 Painted the ScrapFX chipboard with white paint, then added in the details on the surf board with a gel pen. All I did with the wordlet was spray with glimmer mist and liked the washed out effect so went with it!

Love the way I can use up my stash of scrap paper to make strips to go with the tape, managed to avoid using any new sheets of paper all the PPs are form my junk pile!!!

Ok I am all caught up now.... Boys go back to school this week so will get back into the swing of things from now on..... Promise!

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  1. Yes, the surf board one is just so 'right' - funny how some LOs go together super easy, & others you really, really have to work at/with..I'm sure you'll fiddle 'til you're happy & then it will look great. You'll have much more time v shortly:):)


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