Friday, November 18, 2011

First DT Post over at the Scrapboxx

What's Hot Hot Hot????

Hello All...

Michelle here with my first official DT post! Oh I hope I live up to the brief..... What is Hot Right Now in the Scrapping world????!!!!

Well after much research ie prowling the net....( under the guise of fulfilling obligations that's what I have been telling DH anyway!)

 Art Journalling! I know it has been around forever but is making a big surge of late. Scrapbookers are tuning into this, I think, due to the fact that making our own backgrounds (another "in" thing) is totally hot and probably will be for a long time yet.

Art Journalling is a great opportunity to try out all those new techniques on a smaller scale. I have wanted to start one for years and have finally given it a go  and I have to tell you, it is really fun to play and let the juices flow! You start with something then it turns into something completely different.

This is my first shot at it using my scraps to play with collage.

Then I started to splash a bit of paint around, play with the stamps and other bits in my stash. It really is a great release with no pressure of producing that perfect page to match a treasured photo.

This one was inspired by Donna Downey and if you haven't visited her blog yet.... do yourself a favour girlfriend, hop on to that creative wagon and enjoy that inspirational ride..... awesomeness at your fingertips.

And before I bore you all stupid this is the last page I did, more fun with paper, tissue and paint!
 I love quotes so this form of art helps me keep track of some of my faves, but you can record anything or nothing if you like... remember there are no rules!!!!

I will be writing up a few tips and tricks I have learnt along the way in my Blog (not that I am an expert, just started myself you hear) in the next few days so if you have questions head over there (not too quick though gotta give me time to write...)
There's loads of inspiration out there, here are a few great ones I have found in my travels:
That should wet your appetites and get you started!!!

So my scrappy friends out there in Boxx Land have a go... get yourself a journal and play!

Keep Happy Everyone,

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