Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scrap FX Stencil Play.

So I have a confession to make....I have been obsessed with faces lately! 
Scrap FX must have read my mind this month because the stencils they released just fuel this need to get faces on pages!
Take a look:
The first one I played with was the "Demure Face".
Demure Face stencil
Just loved this one because you can add your own scrawls to it or leave it as it comes:

I just added a little hair and more definition to the nose and neck.


This one has a bit more hair, totally changes the look! I also used some Colour Blast Colour Paste through the stencil, can't really see it too much here, you are just going to have to take my word for it! 
The next Stencil is just so fun and a little funky!

Teen Girl stencil

Now you can see the Colour Paste that I used through the stencil!
The last stencil I have been messing with is this one:

Melted Mesh stencil
"Melted Mesh"
I used it here on this journal page with some crackle paste.
So that is me just about up to date with my creations!
Stay tuned later in the week for more!


  1. These look fabulous....those girl stencils really make it easy for peeps like me who cannot draw. I have a feeling you'd do just fine without them!

    1. Thanks Lizzy, using the stencils really does make it so easy peasy!

  2. AMAZING CREATING.. LOVE them.. what great textures and love the faces..

    1. Thanks Lizzy, have a go if you can get your hands on a stencil, it really makes it so easy to look arty!

  3. Oh WOW, WOW, WOW, I love these especially the Demure Face and the Melted Mesh.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sandra, hope you have a play with them too!


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