Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Inspired

Just thought I would share some fun I have been having with the one the only Finnabair!!!!! I took advantage of the fact she was touring Australia and signed up for 3 of her classes. I was as happy as a pig in pooh!!! I got so dirty inky and gluey(is that even a word???) and loved every minute of the experience. She was a wonderful inspiration and teacher, I was awestruck at first and a little shy as I have been admiring her work for so long, but she made everyone feel welcome as she let us loose on all her new products!!!

Here is what I came up with in my creative frenzy!!
This is the back of a canvas, just loved doing this one!

What do you think of my winged rocking horse?


This is the front cover of an art journal. So much paint on this one!!

And this is the back cover: 

I also did a LO but have not taken a good photo of it as yet so I will save that till later! Just could not contain my excitement so I just had to show and tell!!!!
Of to play some more!!


  1. I can't EVEN explain how awesome this is!!! SOOOO over the moon excited that you will be bringing some of that utter fabulousness to scrap fx- I can't hardly wait to see what you make next- the winged horse? Mesmerizing!!! And I LOVE that detail shot! I want to see more please!

  2. Sooo understand your excitement - I'm on the train on my way home from doing just the one workshop with her----it was GREAT are very lucky to be able to do all 3!!!!!!? Your rocking horse is amazing & I LOVE the colours in your journal cover:):):)

  3. Holy cow!! That canvas is AMAZING!! There was definitely jaw drop on my part! I took one class with Finnabair and she is amazing so I'm jealous you took 3!!

  4. Michelle I can only imagine how you felt, just how I would feel if I did a class of yours because I've admired you for years. I just picked up some steampunk Scrapfx the other day at the SW and I wish I had been able to attend a class with Finnibar, it might have given me some ideas of how to use them.

  5. Wow, that art journal cover looks amazing! Good to hear you had such a fun time.

  6. Thanks so much ladies.... I am feeling a little frustrated now after such an inspirational weekend I just want to do more..... but life gets in the way! W
    Why do we have to eat and wear clean clothing????

  7. Michelle!!! That canvas totally blows me away. How does it look likw wood? Is it one of those comb tools? So cool! Everything you made was incredible! I so wish I could take one of her classes!

  8. Michelle, pig in poop is an understatement...... OMG that is wonderful, is there any room for me. I too have taken a class from ania as well, its love, i wish i could touch her and some of the magic would transfer. You work of art is magnificant!!!
    ava g


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