Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arrow/Chevron Heaven

Hi all, have been going through a bit of a creative lull, sticking to the art journal because it is quick and easy. Doing a photography course too so taking lots of obscure photos as practice. This does not leave much time for scrapbooking!
 So I have closed the journal, and have vowed to do the deed and get back on a roll. This is the result, that all important first LO after a lay off. Had no inspiration so sat on the net for a bit, hoping to fire up, 3 days later I was done! I do waste a load of time once I creep toward the computer!

Used Washi Tape instead of patterned paper and some new products from ScrapFX.
My youngest is very difficult at times to get a good shot of him smiling. He is usually cranky at me for being in his face with camera attached or is playing the fool, he does have a talent for the silly face though!

The Scrap FX stencils are making me pant with anticipation!!!!

The Background was Lilybee Paper that I sprayed with 3 mist colours, over a brand new Stencil by Scrap FX. Stay tuned for these awesome designs I love what they have come up with!!!! (but this one is definitely my fave!)

I misted the "SMILE" with the stencil over the top to get a few lines,
then added a few splatts of gesso!
 The Smile Title is cut from a wordlet so now I have the other half of it for another Page!

Perfect splatts at last I think I have the technique!!!

Love the diamond buttons finally had a project they suited perfectly,
have had them in the stash for ever.

 The Arrows are misted strips of cardstock, folded in half and cut with scissors at a 45 degree angle to get both sides the same. I then used a scalpel to cut every second arrowhead out and use someplace else on the page.

Love these new chippies instant photo frames they are just so much fun
and come in a pack of 4 different designs.
 This is one of the small ones,
 there are larger ones that are just as yummy!
They also come with the window still in so you can use that as well!

 The small frame I misted then coloured in the chevrons with an ordinary gel pen, works a treat. The cute camera was done the same way easy peasy!!

Now usually I hate the first LO "ice breaker" but I don't mind this one so much!
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  1. AWESOME! I'm drooling over that stenciled background!!!

  2. This layout is amazing and I love the way you've done the arrows. The colours and elements on the page work so well together, I love it.

  3. Just LOVE this layout Michelle...everything about it!

  4. I love it! Its so crazy beautiful! You are amazing girl! :) Thanks for sharing! I just have to create now! full of inspiration! <3

  5. This is great --- & you must be v patient to cut all those arrows up! LOVE the colours. I'd be a happy chappy with this one, too:):):)

  6. Great colors and fantastic details!

  7. This is amazing- I really love the "cool" feel to the whole layout- perfect for a boy page. The masking is awesome, by the way...fab job.

  8. WHAT??? This. IS. AWESOOOOOME!!! The color, the stenciled pattern, the chevron- complete and total cool from start to finish! PINNED!

  9. Thats an amazing layout. I love it. Ive pinned it and scraplifted it - giving credit to you on my blog.

  10. I found you via Michelle H.'s blog....and wow, I'm glad I did! Fantastic layout :)


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