Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Time to Take a Breather"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and survived the mayhem to enjoy the day of good food and company!! Boy hasn't the last few days been a blur of food food food!!! Time to chill now and get back to reality in time for the New Year celebrations!
I haven't been on this Blog of late for obvious reasons so I thought I would share my December Daily pages so far completed. Will then be up to date and then I can post as I go so to speak. So here goes:

So there you have it, lots to look at I know but at least now I will just add to it a few days at a time as they are completed. I have a heap to do yet things got a little out of hand as we neared the big day, but I have written notes and taken the photos... how hard can it be? Famous last words!!!!!
Bye for now everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Well done!! Gorgeous work!
    Have a very magical and creative twenty12.


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