Saturday, June 11, 2011

Decorative Panel

Wow just realized how long it has been since I last wrote something here. The reason is, I have been busy on an off the page project that I will share with you a little later, so stay tuned!

 In the mean time I thought I would share something I had prepared earlier:

This is a small panel I have decorated using loads of chipboard pieces from my collection of ScrapFX,  as well as bits and pieces from my extensive stash (Yes I think I may have a hoarding problem because I still have plenty). Really great fun to do, each little window is about the size of an ATC card, perhaps a little smaller, so I just cut the chipboard  down using interesting little bits. The panel is from ScrapFX also, one of their Master Pieces that come with the backing so it all fits perfectly together.  

I have added small hinges to the frame so they can be opened to reveal a quote and to add a little interest to the piece, ( I do love things that are interactive) like a child's pop up book where you get a little hidden extra when it is opened.

 Well I hope you like it and stay tuned for the piece I am still working on, I promise to write a little more regularly,
 thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. that is so freakingly amazingly wowzeroonily awesome.. i mean totally stunnning ... all that detail OMG... wow..
    i'm speachless...........!!!


  2. OMG Michelle.... this is so very RAD!!! Saw this on the boxx and just HAD to check ur blog out!!
    Luv Renee

  3. OH WOWIE!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful work xoxo

  4. Your work is amazing. Found your blog from where I love your Road Trip LO. hope you'll come link it up to my Travel challenge here

  5. Wow, what a great piece. I love interactive things to and you have inspired me to create something interactive. :) I love steampunky stuff and yours is AWESOME!



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