Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Challenge for KIU

Hi to all,
EEK!!! It is getting so close to Christmas and I am in denial... I have not done a thing in preparation. I would rather scrap than head to the shops and do Battle!!!
So I decided to get a page done for the challenge over at Kraft It Up. This month the requirement was White Space!!!!! ARGHH!!! Those of you that know how I roll, this is the hardest thing for me to do. I never know when to call it quits! Just one more button.... one more chippie!! So I wanted to get myself out of my comfy zone.

This is what I came up with: (not too much white space really but for me that will have to suffice!)

My big 'Fella!!

I used a few newbies from Scrap FX, this months' theme was Steampunk and I think it is a winner. Love my Cogs And Gears!!! I also used a new stencil that has loads of bits and pieces that you can mask off and spray, not that you can see too much of it here but I did use it!!!
The frame is just too cool this I had to use as soon as I saw it!
Yes, the frame is divine, but check out the Micro Cogs they just add to my excitement!!!!
They are all just painted up with a little Mica paint and the "Remember" title is from a wordlet theme pack.

Made my own set of circle masks in varying sizes to do the background and sprayed away, then used a Black Molotow Marker to outline!
The journalling says:
"To accomplish great things, we need
to not only act, but also Dream,
not only plan, but also Believe."

The little dots that I seem to want to put everywhere are perfect pearls!
So thats about all from me, thanks so much for the visit and big hugs for those that take the time to leave some sugar!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Scrap Friends Colour Challenge #7

Just loved the Yummo colour scheme over at Scrap Friends so just had to give it a go, it even had pink in it... I do not know what came over me I really got into my pretty groove! Well this is as pretty as I get any way! 
Here is the inspiration, am I wrong or is this just divine colours???? I'm just sayin'!

And here is what I did:


 Played around with the new "Playground" alphabet from ScrapFX. The one I have used for the Title is the large version, I really love the font!

 I just gave it a coat of paint then sprinkled some embossing powder over it to stick in random places for a weathered look.
Scrap FX chipboard "Smile" and little birdies!
 The shapes in the background I cut by hand from a stencil from Martha Stewart as I do not have a cricket or other such "you beaut" gizmo, so they are not perfect. I just wanted to use something a little bit more feminine than my normal go to shapes!

Then I just layered and played till it just seemed to come together. I do not have flowers as I struggle to "do" them well, so I tried to get a feminine look without them. I really enjoyed the scheme! Why don't you give it a shot? Thanks so much for dropping by,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Messing with Monsters"

A quick share of a LO I have been playing around with since I got my hands on a new monster pack from Scrap FX. They were irresistible so I had to track back through the archives to find a suitably monstrous photo... (get the pun???) Any way here it is:

My little fellas' ..... those were the days doesn't seem like that long ago!!

For a background I used the ScrapFX splatts stencil with gesso then sprinkled some embossing powder on top as an experiment.... it worked a treat! I then sparyed Gesso spray over the top to get a subtle embossed look.

How could I resist this little fella'?
 Splashed a few mist colours around in blue & green and sprayed a charcoal colour through a Number stencil to add to a grungy feel!

The awesome alphabet is a newbie from Scrap FX as well.
I used ink pads to colour the title chippies & Monsters!

Here I will let you in on a secret..... I have found the BESTEST markers ever, they write on everything!!!!!
I used the white one here on the little monsters teeth and eyes.... look how bright they are.... HAPPY!!!!!!
They are called Molotows, they are not your average pen or marker and they are expensive BUT you can buy refills and you can use the refills very creatively as well!!!!!
Yes I love 'em and want more, I only have the black and white right now but I can see an addiction coming at me!!! Stay tuned....

The arrows are washi tape from Sawyers Place, so easy to do just place the tape on cardstock and cut away in any shape you like!!!
Well I think that is about all catch you later and thanks for dropping by!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Art Journal Play

I have been neglecting my art journal lately, and it has been a while since I have shared anything I have done. So now is the time for a catch up as I ponder doing a canvas or 2 in the next few days. I have loads of ideas rattling round in the head but not totally sure how to achieve the looks I want so will be off to play after I give you lot something to look at!!

This is my home made Journal that I have thrown together experimentally.
We shall see how it stands up to the rough treatment I am to give it in the future!
Fingers crossed that it holds together

This one was inspired by the lovely work of Louise Nelson.....

The journalling says "Just Living is not enough said the Butterfly,
One must have Sunshine, Freedom and a little Flower"
by Hans Christian Anderson
These next ones are the pages I did for the article in Scrapbooking Memories Magazine.......
Thought you may want a closer look:

So now I am off to wrestle with a few ideas.....
Stay safe and thanks for dropping by!