Friday, July 29, 2011

A Little Bit Lost

And Hello to all,
 As you can see it has been a while since I have paid attention to this blog. No excuses, just have found myself a little uninspired. We all have those moments don't we? Please all nod yes here!!!!
 So I thought I cannot just ignore what I started, and hope everyone "still comes a Callin'" when I have my Mojo back on track.
So here's a thought..........Why don't I go through my old albums and see which LO's I still adore...... and which ones I don't particularly like anymore (that should be a bit of a giggle at least right?)......It is great to do this makes you aware of all those trends we all went through and which ones have stood the test of time. I had a lovely morning of quiet reminiscing, and I think I have a few stirrings of creativeness simmering now....... So here goes with a few that made me smile:

This one is from 2007, simple but I did love my doodling back then and hand wrote just about everything......
 Now Christmas is an event I do not normally scrap too much I realized through my journey this is one of the few.....Why I ask? Cannot  say but will have to rectify that situation........

I Love this one for no other reason than the photo nothing special really about the LO the photo was the highlight....... Those baby blues on my eldest!!!!!!!!

These next 2 were during my fabric phase in 2005.... Apologies for the poor quality photos but you have to remember this was taken in the life before digital photography took off! I used to raid Mum's patchwork stash constantly.....

 Then there was paint! I guess this is the "tool" that has stayed with me, it is always my go to medium. This was done in 2007 before the "mist" revolution reached our shores!!!!
Just put this one in from 2007 to summon  a bit of sunshine in what has been a dreary and freezing winter for us down here!!!!
 Love the colours and the photo in this one from the summer of 2008 when I first got my digital SLR camera and loved it!!!
Love the boys just being silly, in 2007/8. I loved Basic Grey and used it over and over again.  As a result I still have papers from this era stashed away!
 My very first page of cogs back in 2007, I didn't think my cog fetish had lasted this long!!!!   Bayley wanted an IPod so much he made his own. He wore these for a good hour and a half before he realized we were giggling!!!!! Love this one for the memories!
And lastly the final photo taken of our special family member in 2007 before he left us. We still miss him dearly, a great dog with a face only his mother could love!!!!!

Well, that's it for now, hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory Lane... highly recommend you all do it at some stage it was a real pleasant journey and reminds you why you do this amazing hobby in the first place..... To record precious memories.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

123 Challenge LO

Hey all, 
just a quick post before I need to go put my car in for a service, fun stuff !! Anyhow the July 123 Challenge (123 July Challenge ) was to create a "Scene", the colour Teal and the word THING some where in the title. So here it is: 

 I created the totally random background using gauze, mist paint and stamps, got a little carried away I think! But look I haven't used any string!!! Could it be that fetish has past? I don't think so, I thought about using it far too many times to be totally "Cured"!

 The lettering I did by hand with a little help using a stencil, truth was I am running out of alphas (already on my shopping list) and had to take drastic action!

 The alphas I did use are ScrapFX and I love these flourishes from them as well they are a little more masculine than the norm.

A few buttons and this and that and I was done! I have probably missed something here, anything you want to know? Just leave a comment and I will get back to you I promise!
 Gotta go, Happy Scrappin',

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My "Scrap the Boys" LO for July.

 Hey to all who drop by,
Finally finished my LO for the Scrap the Boys July Challenge, took a while and turned out to be a disjointed affair with the boys on holiday and all, but here 'tis!

 The challenge set this month was to use tape somewhere and include the word "PLAY". You may not be able to see the tape immediately as I have used it in the background originally, but it sort of got concealed in the old "creative" process! So I also used it to anchor down the pesky twine that was not being so cooperative! The background was fun and sort of evolved all by itself after fiddling with tissue gauze, tape, stencil and mist, with copious amounts of paint and glue thrown in FUN FUN FUN (I love the messy parts!)
Then the embellishing began, lovin' my twine and string passion ATM!!!

 Add some chippies from ScrapFX (Love the fishbones), some buttons and patterned paper scraps and we are done!!!!
 I hope this inspires, I highly recommend doing a few of these challenges, loads of fun and gets you thinking and keeps the MOJO happening!!!!
Happy scrapping!

Friday, July 8, 2011

White with One Aqua/Chipboard Challenge

Hey All,
really getting into the world of on line challenge sites and have found them so much fun! They really get you out of your warm, cozy place (now you know that can get like an old sneaker, comfy but a little smelly!) and push your limits, get you thinking outside that square.
However, I think you can get really confused, with so many out there, which do you focus on? Well being a newbie to the "sport" I have decided to trawl through and pick just a few that will really inspire or push me over the edge (so to speak). So The White with One challenge really appealed as I rarely do monochromatic LO's and the colour was one of my faves, Aqua (yummo) and yay Chipboard! Okay so I didn't quite go out on a limb but easy does it for the newbie!!! Here is the result:

The photo is an oldie of my far away nieces who we rarely see except on Skype. This was taken way back in 2008 when they were last here. They are so grown up now and will probably chastise me severely for putting this up but I just love the photo!!!! Sorry girls!
Here are a few closies with a bit of this and a little of that, my job was done.

Used texture paste and the 6x6 crafters w/shop stencil to create a lumpy bumpy b/ground and splashed a bit of paint around to add to the grunge!!

Raided the first aid kit (no more amputations in this house) for the gauze to create texture with a bit of string here and there (loving making string flowers at the moment).
The chippie was a large ScrapFX flourish that I cut down to size and coated with gesso and Tim Holtz crackle paint, then, once dry, rubbed a stamp pad over it to bring out that crackle. 
Well thanks for dropping by, off to find my next challenge, be back real soon!